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Armed Hold-Ups

Armed Holdup CompensationShortly before 6:00am on 08 June 2010, Gary Allibon and two armed security colleagues were in the course of their work with Chubb Security when they were held up at gunpoint in Goulburn Street, Sydney.  In the course of the hold-up Mr Allibon was shot and died later that morning at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Unfortunately, armed hold-ups are becoming all too frequent in our community causing both physical and emotional injury.  Perhaps the most distressing aspect of these attacks is that the vast majority of them are preventable.

The courts have been quick to identify the risks.  Justice Boland of the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission said in a judgment recently:

Armed hold-ups represent a serious threat to employees not only in banks but also in all manner of places where goods and cash are kept including service stations, retail outlets and warehouses.  The duty on employers is to make certain employees are not exposed to risk their health, safety and welfare whilst at work and that responsibility extends to circumstances where an armed offender might confront employees.

Derrick –v- Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited [2003] NSWIRC406

Beilby Poulden Costello have had a number of successful claims recently acting on behalf of the victims of robberies.  One of those cases involved a lady who was the subject of an armed hold-up whilst working for a fast food restaurant and another was employed to look after the takings from the gaming area at a hotel.  In each case we have been successful in demonstrating that the appropriate measures were not taken to ensure the safety of our clients, as a result of which they have suffered loss and injury.  The claims were settled prior to trial.

By Scott Hall Johnston

Why Your Retirement Age Can Have a Big Impact on Compensation Payout

bpc-lawyers-retirement-age-compensationOne of the key factors when determining compensation payout is the expected age of retirement for the injured person. 

When calculating compensation settlements, the expected age of retirement is 67 years of age. Anything beyond 67 years must be submitted for review, explaining why you believe you (as an injured claimant) should be expected to work past 67 years under your expected life path before the incident.

CASE BACKGROUND –  Allianz Limited v Habib & ORS (2015) NSW SC1719

A scenario was recently resolved in the Supreme Court where Allianz, the CTP Insurer, overturned a previous decision to award compensation to an injured claimant based on a retirement age of 70. It was found that there was no substance or justified reason for the claimant to receive compensation past the expected age of 67, and thus the decision was overturned. Read below for more details.

There was a recent decision in the Supreme Court of NSW where His Honour Mr Justice Beech-Jones set aside the decision of a Claims Assessor because of a failure by the Claims Assessor to state (and to the extent necessary explain) the claimant’s age of retirement.

The proceedings were for personal injuries arising out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on 30 January 2013. At that time, the plaintiff sustained an injury to his lower back in the accident. The CTP insurer, Allianz accepted liability for the claim. The Claims Assessor issued a certificate and reasons for decision on 14 May 2015 and awarded damages in favour of the claimant in the sum of $221,586.00 plus schedule legal costs.

In the reasons, the Assessor awarded the claimant an amount of $160,000.00 for future economic loss and the sum of $36,500.00 for future commercial care.

The CTP insurer sought a judicial review of the assessment on a number of grounds and in particular sought to set the decision aside because the calculation of future economic loss was projected to an age of retirement of 70 years.

There was a document headed, ‘Claimant’s Calculations’ which set out the schedule of damages claimed by the claimant.

This document had been served upon the CTP insurer.

However, in the Assessor’s reasons, there was no reference made to this document.

Allianz in their submissions stated that they had never agreed to the assumption the claimant would continue working until the age of 70.

In most cases, the parties now agree the anticipated working life of a claimant is until the age If a Judge or Claims Assessor is to award compensation for loss of earnings beyond the age of 67, then it is incumbent upon that Judge or Assessor to provide adequate reasons as to why he or she has awarded damages for that further short period of working life.

The decision is worth reading as all the other grounds of review which were submitted by Allianz were rejected by His Honour.

Accordingly, it is important when seeking to have damages for economic loss beyond the age of 67 years to set out in detail for submission to the Judge or the Claims Assessor the reasons why you wish to submit the claimant had intended to work beyond the age of 67 years.

But for the accident, you should submit the claimant was in good health, had a secure employment or worked in a profession where working beyond the age of 67 years is more the norm than the exception and if possible, provide corroborating evidence from either fellow workers or members of that particular profession.

<stong&f you haven injured and are seeking compensation, we can help. BPC Lawyers have represented injured Sydney and NSW residents for over 20 years, and we will be happy to offer a complimentary, free consultation to discuss your claim and determine whether you have a genuine claim for compensation.

David R. Ford, Special Counsel

Is it Possible to Claim Motor Accident Compensation If No One is at Fault?

Want to Claim your Motor Accident Compensation? Contact BPC Lawyers for legal assistance.When you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident as a result of the negligence of another driver, there is generally a clear entitlement to compensation for injured drivers and passengers.

But what happens when someone gets injured in a motor accident, and no one is to blame?


There was a recent decision in the District Court at Sydney involving an interpretation of the “blameless” accident provisions of the Motor Accident Compensation Act 1999 (NSW). The case was Garry Connaughton –v- Pacific Rail Engineering Pty Limited and was heard on 12 February 2015. The case was determined by Her Honour, Judge Norton SC.

CASE BACKGROUND – Garry Connaughton –v- Pacific Rail Engineering Pty Limited

The proceedings were for personal injuries arising out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on 13 July 2011. At that time, the Plaintiff was a driver of a motor vehicle which was involved in a single vehicle accident involving a tree which fell onto the road. The Plaintiff, Garry Connaughton, was driving his truck in a northerly direction on Mount Ousley Road at Mount Ousley at approximately 10:30am when a roadside tree fell and struck the cabin of the truck, which then ran out of control but subsequently came to a halt. The Plaintiff was badly injured in the accident and injury was conceded by the Insurer and there was no issue regarding contributory negligence.

The Plaintiff had little recollection regarding the accident. He was driving his truck in the curb side lane of the road and his first recollection was a man yelling out and his last recollection was driving up the road and there being nothing on the road in front of him.

The Judgment is quite detailed but in summary, Her Honour was asked to decide three questions:

  1. Has there been a motor vehicle accident?
  2. If so, is it a blameless accident?
  3. Is the Plaintiff excluded from recovery under the blameless accident provisions by operation of Section 7E in relation to drivers?

in summary, Her Honour found there had been a motor vehicle accident and it was a blameless accident. Furthermore, the Plaintiff was not excluded from recovery under the blameless accident provisions by operation of Section 7E as she found the Plaintiff did not cause this accident. His driving on the raod was no more than a background fact which explains why he was in position where he could be struck by a tree. Plus the driving of the Plaintiff was nothing more than “the mere occasion of the injury”.

Futhermore, at Paragraph 73 Her Honour stated:-

“73. Looking at the words of the Section and bearing in mind the words used in the second reading speech (of Parliament) I find that even under the extended definition of causation of Section 7E there was no act or omission on behalf of the Plaintiff, either voluntary or involuntary, which can be said to have caused the accident. I do not accept that the words mean the driver in single vehicle accidents are deemed to have caused that accident.”

Accordingly, in summary, there was a verdict entered in favour of the Plaintiff which means liability was wholly determined in his favour against the Defendant Insurer. There was a further order made by Her Honour that damages are to be assessed.

In the end, it was found that because no act by the man who suffered injury in his blameless motor accident, either voluntary or involuntary, could have caused the accident, with a verdict in favour of the plaintiff delivered to assess his damages from the insurance company.

If you have been in a motor accident, regardless of whether it is negligent or blameless, we will be happy to offer a complimentary, free consultation to discuss your claim and determine whether you have a genuine claim for compensation.

David R. Ford, Special Counsel

Update: The Truth About Trasylol

Following the airing of the news and current affairs program, Sunday Night, on 12 October 2014, Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers have received a number of enquiries from people wondering whether the administration of Aprotintin (known commonly as Trasylol) may have contributed to the loss of a loved one or resulted in stroke, kidney failure or heart attack.

We encourage all those who believe they may have been affected by the administration of Trasylol to make contact with our firm. There are significant cost benefits associated with being a client of a firm that represents other clients in similar circumstances. These benefits arise as a result of the sharing of costs associated with investigating proceedings.

If you or a loved one suspect Trasylol could be responsible for death, stroke, heart attack or kidney failure, you should act quickly. Please contact Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers on 8280 6900 to discuss your case with a specialist solicitor or email: info [at]

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

Medical Negligence & the Inquest into the Death of Luke Wood

We are fortunate in New South Wales to benefit from some of the most highly trained medical practitioners in the world. However, incorrect diagnoses and negligently performed medical procedures do sometimes occur. The consequences can be catastrophic.

The recent Inquest into the death of Luke Wood, a Sydney bodybuilder and former Australian bodybuilding champion, is a timely reminder of this fact.

On August 20, 2011, Mr Wood underwent a kidney transplant. Three days later, on August 23, his body began to show symptoms that it was rejecting the kidney. On August 26, despite the risk of kidney rejection, he was discharged in circumstances that are reported to have been allegedly premature.

Ultimately, on August 31, 2011, Mr Wood was rushed to the Hospital after he collapsed at home. He died at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital following cardiac arrest which was reportedly caused by the “massive haemorrhage” in his abdomen following his transplant. With the Inquest continuing, the circumstances of his death are not yet fully apparent. Evidence, however, given by his treating practitioners  is reported to have indicated that not only was he required to wait over four hours for a CT scan, but that the emergency physicians that treated him did not have access to his complete medical records as they were locked in a secured room and inaccessible.

The Inquest continues.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of medical negligence, you should contact Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers on 8280 6900 to speak with a specialist in medical negligence.

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

The Dangers of Sydney Roads; Car, Bus and Truck Accidents

The recent spate of motor vehicle accidents in New South Wales, particularly those involving trucks and buses, is a reminder of the dangers associated with travelling on Sydney’s roads.

Remarkably, an accident on 13 October, 2014 in which two buses (one carrying school children) made heavy contact, did not result in any fatalities. The collision did, however, initiate a dangerous sequence of events, whereby the school bus lost control and careered into five passenger vehicles causing injuries to the drivers and passengers.

Unfortunately, accidents such as these occur all too often. Tragically, such accidents often result in death or injury through no fault of the injured party. Families can be left with the loss of the primary earner or caregiver or an injured person can be left permanently incapacitated, unable to return to work and provide for themselves or their family.

It is not only those that are injured in motor vehicle accidents that have legal rights, but also those that are left behind following the death of a loved one. Such compensation is provided for by the Compensation to Relatives Act. In order to explore your entitlement to compensation, you must act quickly. Strict time limits apply following car, truck and bus accidents.

Contact Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers on (02) 8280 6900 for a free, no obligation discussion with an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law.

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

The Truth About Trasylol

Considered a “wonder drug” and designed to prevent excessive bleeding during surgery, Trasylol was administered to thousands of unsuspecting Australians over the course of some 35 years. At $1,000 per dose, it netted German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, hundreds of millions of dollars.

There was a lethal catch though; the drug can cause an increase in the rate of heart failure, an increase in the instance of kidney failure and is said to have increased the risk of stroke by 181%. These were risks not posed by the cheaper alternatives. Recent allegations (including a TV item on Sunday Night) suggest that, despite Bayer’s own studies revealing this increased risk, the drug remained on the market and Bayer allegedly supressed the negative results. It was not until 2006 when the author of one study became a whistle-blower, revealing all to the USA Food and Drug Administration.

In 2007, the drug was pulled off the market worldwide. It was too late, however, for the hundreds of families across Australia who suffered the loss of a loved one. Thousands more must now endure a lifetime of kidney dialysis and blood thinning treatment.

If you or someone you know has been affected by Trasylol, you must act quickly. Limitation periods apply. Please contact Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers on 8280 6900 to speak to one of our medical negligence specialists and to find out whether you are entitled to compensation.

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

Workers Compensation: Death Claims

When a loved one dies unexpectedly or prematurely, they often leave behind family members who were financially dependent on them. If the death of that loved one was caused or substantially contributed to by their work, the dependents have the right to claim a lump sum death benefit under Workers Compensation legislation.

We recently acted for the children of a deceased worker. The deceased worked extremely long hours and was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, causing her significant stress. It was not disputed that she was a very dedicated worker.

On the day of her death, the deceased worker was travelling to a work meeting, when she suffered a fatal heart attack. The children brought a claim against her employer, alleging that their mother’s employment had been a substantial contributing factor to her death.

This was a complex matter. The deceased had a variety of risk factors for a heart attack, and some of these were unrelated to her work. However, she also had risk factors (such as not having time to exercise, and being under great stress on the day of her death) which were work related.

We sought several expert reports from a cardiologist in relation to these issues, and we got reports that were supportive of the childrens’ case. We also took statements from all of the children, as well as close friends and partners as to the deceased’s work situation. This matter was then heard in the Workers Compensation Commission. A decision was given after some months, and the children won. They were awarded the maximum death benefit.

The employer’s insurer then appealed that decision, and several months later, that appeal was heard by the Deputy President of the Workers Compensation Commission. We have recently been advised that the children won the appeal as well.

This has been a long and hard fought case, and was helped by the thorough preparation of both lay and expert evidence. It has been very rewarding to assist such deserving clients, and to see them secure a positive outcome on 2 separate occasions.

This article was written by Caryn Ger, a senior solicitor with the firm. For more information or to speak with Caryn, please contact us on 8355 4003.

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

Cyclist Receives Compensation from CARS After Injury in Car Accident

Mr Smith (name changed for privacy reasons) suffered injury on 08 November 2009.  He was waiting at an intersection on his bicycle when a car did not see him and struck him from behind.

He suffered bruises, abrasions and a soft tissue injury to his shoulders and back.  He was prescribed strong pain-killing medication.

In August 2010 the medication he had been prescribed caused Mr Smith to have a seizure as a result of which he suffered more serious injuries including fractures in his back that required surgery.

Mr Smith lodged his claim for compensation with the green slip insurer of the vehicle that caused his accident.  It was not long however before he realised that he needed assistance of a specialist lawyer to guide him through the process.

Initially the insurer disputed that the injuries were caused in the motor vehicle accident.  The insurer argued that the seizure was a separate incident unrelated to the accident and as a result it was not responsible to pay for any further loss or damage.

We made an application to the Medical Assessment Service of the Motor Accidents Authority on behalf of our client who determined that the injuries suffered in the seizure were caused by the car accident because they arose from the medication that Mr Smith had been taking for pain.

An application was then made to have the claim assessed at CARS (the Claims Assessment and Resolution Service of the Motor Accidents Authority).  Mr Smith was awarded $1,818,582.87 plus costs.

Whilst CARS can deal with claims of any size, traditionally CARS has been reserved for cases that are relatively straightforward.  Increasingly however CARS has taken on the role of determining claims where serious factual issues are involved.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and would like advice about your rights, please feel free to contact our office on 8355 4003 to make an appointment to consult with one of our Accredited Specialists.

About BPC Lawyers: BPC provides people with workers compensation claims, motor accident claims and public liability claims. Beilby Poulden Costello has its origins in a legal practice started by Barry Beilby in 1975.

Costa talks compo for cruise ship survivors. But who is to blame?

Six Costa Concordia cruise shipwreck survivors file suit in Miami Federal Court seeking $460 million in damages. The lawsuit names Costa Cruises and parent company, Carnival Cruises; lawyer cites ‘stress of disaster’

The lawsuit filed in U.S. Federal Court seeks $460 million in damages and names Costa Cruises and its parent Carnival Corp. Both have offices in South Florida.

The attorney representing the six passengers told The Miami Herald that the stress of the disaster off the Italian coast will never go away.

In another lawsuit filed in Chicago, a crew member seeks class-action status and at least $100 million in damages from Carnival and Costa.

Article Source: NY Daily News