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Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

Our Personal Injury Lawyers, Sydney can help you with a range of compensation law matters. Take advantage of our free,
no-obligation consultation to find out where you stand.

Road Accidents

If you have been injured in a road accident, either as a driver/rider, passenger or pedestrian it’s likely that you will be entitled to compensation. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Work Accidents

If you have been injured at work, on your way to or from work, you may be entitled to compensation. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Public Accidents

If you have been injured in a public place (shopping centre, hotel, gym etc) because of the negligence of the owner it’s likely that you will be able to make a claim.  Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Medical Negligence

We can help you seek compensation if you have suffered injury as a result of a medical opinion or procedure that was or went wrong. Very strict time limits apply in these matters. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Superannuation Claims

If injured at work, you may also be able to make a claim through your superannuation account. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Product Liability

If you suffer an injury as a result of some goods or products which you feel may have been the fault of the manufacturer or distributor, you may be entitled to compensation. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Institutional Abuse

Have you experienced institutional abuse? We have a team of personal injury lawyers who are available to listen to your story, act on your behalf and ensure that you receive the justice that you deserve. Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Why Choose Beilby Poulden Costello?

BPC Partners, Courtenay Poulden, Scott Hall-Johnston, Mark Nelson and Kate Henderson are Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law (to find out what this means, visit our FAQ Section).

The firm now has eight personal injury lawyers in Sydney including the partners, who undertake a variety of legal work in all aspects of compensation law and claims.

BPC Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney have helped thousands of people successfully claim compensation.

  • Most awarded compensation law firm.
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Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

When faced with a personal injury, finding the right legal representation can make all the difference in your case. At BPC, we specialise in personal injury claims, including work accident claims, road accident claims, public liability claims, TPD & superannuation claims, and institutional abuse claims.

Work Accident Claims

Accidents can happen in any workplace, and people who suffer injuries while on the job may be entitled to compensation.

When it comes to work accident claims, it is crucial to understand the legal process and the rights of the injured party. Our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the complexities of the workers’ compensation system.

Work accident claims can be complex and overwhelming for people who are already dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of a work accident. At BPC, we provide the expertise and support needed to navigate the workers’ compensation process effectively and efficiently and ultimately help injured workers seek the compensation they deserve.

Road Accident Claims

Road accidents are unfortunately common occurrences on Sydney’s roads. Whether you have been involved in a car, motorcycle, or bicycle accident as a passenger or driver, at BPC, we offer the legal support you need to maximize your compensation claim.

At BPC, the primary objective of our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney is to help people injured on the roads seek compensation.

Public Liability Claims

Public liability claims arise when someone suffers an injury or illness due to the negligence of a person or organization in a public space. This may include slip and fall accidents in public buildings, injuries sustained in parks or recreational areas, or incidents occurring on commercial premises.

At BPC, our personal injury lawyers are experienced in public liability claims and can help those injured seek compensation for their injuries and the financial impact that those injuries have caused.

Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

TPD & Superannuation Claims

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims and superannuation claims deal with individuals who have become unable to work due to a disability or illness, resulting in financial hardship. At BPC, our personal injury lawyers are experienced in TPD and superannuation claims and can assist individuals in understanding and accessing their full entitlements.

Insurance companies or superannuation funds often have complex processes and requirements for TPD claims. Navigating these systems can be overwhelming for people already dealing with the challenges of their disability or illness.

It is important for individuals considering TPD or superannuation claims to seek legal advice from experienced personal injury lawyers.

Talk to our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney today.

Institutional Abuse Claims

Institutional abuse claims involve seeking justice and compensation for victims who have suffered abuse within institutions such as schools, religious organizations, foster care, or detention centers. These claims shed light on the dark underbelly of these institutions, where vulnerable individuals have been subjected to unspeakable acts of harm and betrayal.

At BPC, our lawyers specialise in institutional abuse claims and understand the sensitive and traumatic nature of these cases. We recognise the immense courage it takes for survivors to come forward and share their stories.

Get Advice From Our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney for Your Personal Injury Claim

In conclusion, our lawyers offer a range of legal services to assist individuals who have suffered personal injuries. Whether it be work accident claims, road accident claims, public liability claims, TPD & superannuation claims, or institutional abuse claims, our lawyers have the expertise and understanding to navigate the complexities of the legal system, protect your legal rights and maximize any potential compensation claim.

Meet Our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

We are probably Sydney’s most awarded personal injury law firm. Take advantage of our free,
no-obligation consultation to find out where you stand.

Frequently Ask

We are probably Sydney’s most awarded personal injury law firm. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation to find out where you stand.

BPC Lawyers can help you in all matters relating to personal injury law. More specifically, BPC Lawyers can assist you in all compensation claims relating to work accidents, road accidents, public place accidents and medical negligence.

If you or a family member or friend have suffered injury in one of these circumstances, contact our Best Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney for expert legal help today.

The amount of compensation you may be eligible for depends on several factors, including the nature and extent of your injury, any impairment or disability it causes, as well as its effect on your capacity to work and earn income.

Workers’ compensation benefits in New South Wales can include weekly payments, medical expenses and lump-sum payouts for permanent impairment or pain and suffering. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the specifics of your claim.

It’s essential to be aware that the New South Wales workers’ compensation system can be complex, making navigating it an intimidating exercise. Talk to one of our compensation lawyers at BPC to guarantee your claim is handled correctly and you receive all compensation to which you are entitled.

When making a compensation claim in New South Wales, the time limits vary based on the type of claim you submit. In general, these include:

Workers’ Compensation Claims: In order to file a workers’ compensation claim, you must notify your employer within 30 days and lodge your claim within 6 months from when you were injured or ill. In certain circumstances, however, an exception may apply and claims can still be submitted outside these time limits.

Motor vehicle accident Claims: If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you must file your claim with the relevant CTP insurer within six months of the date of the incident. However, in certain circumstances you may still be eligible to make a claim outside this time limit.

Public liability Claims: If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you must file your claim within three years of the date of the injury.

It is essential to be aware that time limits for claims are strict and failure to adhere to them may result in your claim being rejected. While it may still be possible to submit a claim outside these dates, doing so may prove more challenging.

Choosing Personal Injury Lawyers in Sydney is essential for their expertise, experience, and dedication in pursuing compensation for your injuries. Their local knowledge ensures the best legal support.

The duration of a compensation claim in Australia varies widely, from several months to a few years, depending on factors like complexity, negotiations, and court proceedings. Book a free, no-obligation consultation with our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney, today. 

In Australia, the time limit for personal injury claims generally ranges from 3 to 6 years, depending on the specific circumstances and the state or territory in which the claim is made. For more information, contact our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney. 

What people say about BPC Lawyers

“I'm immensely grateful for Tim Driscoll's representation in my work injury damages claim. Tim is empathetic, transparent, and always prompt with replies. He never pressured me and gave me the time I needed to make decisions. Tim fought hard for me during a difficult time in my life, and his gentle approach was truly appreciated. I highly recommend Tim for anyone in need of legal assistance in this area.”

a month ago
“BPC Lawyers handled my recent injury compensation claim from beginning to settlement. The firm and its staff are highly professional, excellent communicators, supportive and prompt in responding to all enquiries. I would happily recommend BPC Law to anyone looking for excellent legal advice and assistance. Terry Garrett”

Terry Garrett
6 months ago
“Tim Driscoll was the ultimate professional, I never felt nervous to over contact him and always made my approaches feel welcomed. I changed from another law firm that basically told me my chances were low and wasted. Tim quickly took an apposing view and won my claim. Do not use anyone else. PG”

Peter Goyen
7 months ago
“Thank you to the entire Beilby Poulden Costello team for defending our rights. We appreciate your efforts, as we wouldn't have been heard without you.”

Aurelien Delarue
8 months ago
“Shout out to Nicole Ingersole for her taking to reply to my email. I have been reaching out to several law firms (even the high rated google firms) but it seems they do not want to discuss the matter to me. I have not seen or spoken to Nicole but she shed light on my confusion via email. She is such a blessing! Thank you!”

Gian Delgado
10 months ago
“I engaged BPC Lawyers to manage my TPD and Income Protection claim from MLC Superannuation Insurance. Nida Warraich was assigned to my case, she handled the claim from beginning to settlement. Nida and BPC Lawyers provided me with a level of confidence and professionalism that was outstanding throughout the difficult and complicated claim processes. I found Nida to be polite, informative, empathetic and highly professional throughout the claim process. Additionally, Nida kept me up to date, fully informed and was focussed on obtaining the correct outcome for her client. I highly recommend BPC Lawyers and in particular Nida Warraich to anyone who requires expert Legal representation and focused personalised service with an insurance claim. J. Burge”

Rodney Burge
11 months ago
“Had a great experience with BPC lawyers my experience was I had an incident at an hotel and luckily was put in touch with Mark Nelson a great lawyer and a good man who looked after me through a four year period handling all aspects of my case and reassuring me in times of doubt to be positive and continue my fight for a fair outcome which he and his team achieved with total professionalism and a special thank you to Leanne Marks secretary who was amazing great outcome by a great company I would encourage anyone looking for legal advice to use BPC lawyers I wish Mark and his team the very best for the future and thanks for everything kind regards David”

David Edmonds
11 months ago
“After my accident and being left in no man's lands with lots of questions and no answers from my previous lawyers. I was referred to Courtenay Poulden at BPC Lawyers and everything fell into place. Injured, stressed and in pain no one deserves to be made to feel like the villain as the insurance companies push to prove you are not injured to avoid compensation. BCP Lawyers guided me through an extremely stressful and often anxiety filled 4 years. In the end we won the battle and the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. I can now focus on my rehabilitation and my future. Thanks BCP Lawyers.”

Bret Perry
12 months ago
“I had the privilege to have Tim Driscoll represent me on my work injury claim, against the NSW police. He was kind and considerate and helped manage me through the tuff and complex world of worker’s compensation. Without his expertise and support, I don’t believe I could have beaten the NSW Police …”

12 months ago
“Kate and her team delivered an outstanding service and were available to us at all times. Kate talked us through the process and kept us updated. She helped alleviate any concerns and was always professional and understanding. We highly recommend Kate and will be forever grateful to her and her team.”

Kirsti Maltby
12 months ago
“Scott and the team were compassionate, strong willed and empathetic in their approach. They faught hard for my case and always worked with the best result in mind for me and my case. I could not recomend them enough.”

Samuel Dunn
a year ago
“I found BPC Lawyers to be extremely helpful, understanding and professional. Mark Nelson and his team who handled my concerns were very easy to deal with and kept me informed every step of the way. I have no reservations recommending them and would definitely seek their services again should the need ever arise. Philip Field”

Phil Field
a year ago
“Courtenay Poulden and BPC Lawyers are absolute professionals. They treated me and my family with the utmost respect and kindness during a difficult time. From the first meeting my family and I had with Courtenay to take on our medical negligence case he always made us feel confident, calm and informed. We were always able to contact him when needed and any queries were answered in a timely manner by himself or his outstanding team. I would highly recommend Courtenay and BPC Lawyers.”

Ruth Heywood
a year ago
“Scott helped me tremendously in my case that took a little while, he was very understanding and very clear on everything and got the best for me and I was very happy with outcome.”

tasman misionare
a year ago
“After a very traumatic motorcycle accident. Courtney and the team at BPC handled everything. Nothing was too much trouble, and after 20 months I was able to make a claim. Then just 5 months later I was able to settle my claim with a great result. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without BPC. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BPC, Courtney and his team are fantastic.”

wes backen
a year ago
“BPC lawyers are great ,Mark Nelson is the best compensation lawyer in the country, from the time I was injured to the end of the case (12 years) against one of the largest corporations, great advice, guidance throughout until he achieved the greatest results,I recommend Mark Nelson to everyone, and again I thank you Mark for everything, my whole family is forever grateful and special thanks to Leane , Mark’ s assistant for always being there and helping”

Toufic Metri
a year ago
“Mark Nelson and the team at BPC Lawyers were so knowledgable and compassionate while assisting me with my case. Their advice was always clear and concise and allowed a smooth resolution of my matter. We will be forever grateful for Mark's help.”

Eliza Dunn
a year ago
“Hi Scott, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your help all those years ago when I first met you and Tim. As you know Tim was able to settle my Common Law case last Friday and he was instrumental in helping me secure my TPD lump sum approval last week. I chose BPC Lawyers to represent me after meeting with several firms. After meeting yourself and Tim I felt at ease and that I was in great hands. Every step of the way Tim has treated me with kindness, professionalism and respect. Tim advocated for what was best for me every step of the way and was always very transparent with me about what was a realistic outcome from the very beginning and I was always consulted and involved in the important strategic decision making. I can't thank the whole BPC team enough. Nothing was ever too much trouble and everyone was always happy to answer my questions and promptly responded to my emails and phone calls. Thank you so much again. Kind regards, SW”
2 years ago
“My case was quite complicated and as a result took 6 years to resolve. In my search for representation I called quite a few firms till Lynn Vaughan answered the phone. Her professional and friendly manner set the tone for all future dealings with BPC and I never once regretted the decision to ask them to represent me. Tim Driscoll, Associate was instrumental in not only ensuring a life changing outcome but in supporting me to persevere while keeping my sanity. He stepped me through the process, keeping me informed in a manner that was clear and allowed choices as to how to proceed with the implications for each. I cannot thank Tim enough nor recommend BPC highly enough.”

sandra oedingerdel
2 years ago
“I stumbled across BPC through the internet (mainly because of their high rating) and was fortunate to have met up with Scott Hall-Johnson who managed my accident case. Scott was great in every aspect of my situation. He is very knowledgeable, polite and has great communication skills. My final outcome was much better than expected and the entire BPC team served me very well throughout the entire process. Very Highly recommended'”

2 years ago