After my accident the claims process was overwhelming. The insurer was difficult to deal with and I didn’t know who to trust. They offered me peanuts for my claim. I was lucky to find you. Thank you for all the help, you were honest and upfront from the start and the result was superb. All the very best to you and your staff. Marni, Narellan Vale

Client Testimonials

Contact BPC at (02) 8280 6900 to get free legal consultation.

Helped me settle a motor vehicle accident and made the process a breeze! Heidi could not have been more helpful. Hopefully I won’t ever need them again, but if I do… would CERTAINLY retain BPC again.

– Kevin Ellis

My time with this firm has restored my faith in the honesty and integrity of solicitors. My initial contact with the firm was through the website. My first impression of Scott Hall-Johnston was that of a man of professional integrity. After the consultation I had yesterday with Mr Hall-Johnston, I know that my first impression was indeed correct. The advice that was given during my time at the meeting was thoroughly up front, and without deception regarding the case I wished to pursue. I hold the highest regard for this solicitor, and would recommend him to anyone wishing for honest advice or representation. Thank you Scott

– Domenic R

My sincere thanks to Scott Hall-Johnson after the ordeal of an accident that left me with chronic pain and a change in career path as a result. He helped me from beginning to end with strong assurances and solid advice in dealing with a reluctant insurance company. To top it off, he achieved a settlement in excess of our hopes.  Thank you Scott

– Ron Wilson

Many thanks to Scott and the BPC Law team.

Scott handled our case in a very caring and totally professional manner. I was very pleased with the outcome of our case.

I would highly recommend Scott and his wonderful team.

– Helen Wallis

My solicitor Scott Hall-Johnston was incredibly helpful. He was responsive and efficient. I was happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend BPC Lawyers.

– Jon Trenoski

I first met Courtenay Poulden in 2014 when my wife was diagnosed with a severe medical issue. It is difficult to describe how extremely stressful and distressing it is to approach a lawyer with the view of representing one,with the idea of reaching a positive outcome when negligence is involved.

Initially we approached a ‘celebrity’ compensation lawyer but that lasted a phone call, as all they were interested in was money! In our case, money was never an issue ,but getting a positive outcome and justice was.

From the very beginning, Courtenay treated us with dignity and respect and approached our issues in a dedicated and sympathetic manner. Every aspect of our case was explained in detail and we were always kept informed of proceedings.

It is a very stressful time in one’s life but we were reassured by Courtenay’s calm and knowledgeable approach. Even though a positive outcome was reached, money was not the major issue but negligence being proved and peace of mind attained.

I can’t thank Courtenay enough for all he has done for sure!

Thank you so much.

– Phil Little

My husband was involved in a motor vehicle accident back in 2014 which profoundly changed his life, our circumstances and that of our whole family. The outcome of the chain of events at times left us in an extremely stressful state of mind and affairs.

After much research and corresponding exhaustively with “other” compensation lawyers and attending initial consultations with same, we were left most times feeling very doubtful and not wanting to proceed any further.

At last we had found the firm of BPC Lawyers and particularly that of Scott-Hall Johnston and were instantly struck by his approachability and understanding. We were instantly put at ease straight away.

The service we received from Scott exuded professionalism, efficiency and pragmatism. We felt confident and secure with his handling of our case and could not have got through this ordeal without his constant support and guidance.

While it took some time to secure the settlement, the amount we received in compensation was well worth the wait and it was far more than we ever anticipated, and we are naturally delighted with the outcome and of course will be much relieved of worry for the rest of our days.

– N Lafo

Almost all our contact and dealings were with Heidi.

We found her to be very professional, organised and friendly.

She always responded to queries (albeit very few) in a timely manner.

She seemed on top of the issues and  proactive in moving the matter along.

Her professionalism at the ISC  was self evident.

My husband Kevin summed it up – He used to manage a large number of people and he said that employees like that were gold and should be treated like that ie treasured . Based on my experience i can only agree.

If our experience is anything to go by we are sure Heidi will have a very successful career.

F & K, Sydney

When you’re injured and you need to make a legal claim to cover the costs of dealing with that injury, you need a lawyer who has the instincts and experience necessary to get the litigation through properly. I knew from the first moment that I sat in her office that Kate Henderson was that type of lawyer.

Kate is always very clear on what you can expect to happen and she takes the time to go through and explain details about the legal action that might be difficult for a person working outside the law to understand. She is also very good with the details in that she looks at all the possible angles of your claim to make certain that, wherever possible, all the expenses incurred because of your injury are covered. You might be surprised how broad and involved this coverage can be and all of it adds to the final amount you can claim.

Every injury claim is as different as the circumstances of each individual making the claim. Lawyers are different too, and, because the average person only uses a lawyer maybe once in their lifetime, it’s difficult to make the right choice when you’re looking for someone to help. I was very pleased that a colleague referred me to Kate, I got the result I expected and am now able to cover all the losses my injury caused and I have some funds left over to make sure I am covered anything unforseen in the future.

James Gallaway

I am very pleased with the result regarding my mothers accident claim. I feel it was fair and just considering the complexity of her case. The team at BPC Law worked extremely hard to get the result we wanted. My mother,I and the rest of the family will be forever grateful.

Considering the circumstances my mother is in as a result of the collision (i.e. cost associated with 24hour care) it is now finally financially more manageable. A huge relief!

I wish no one should have to endure such circumstances but the reality is that it happens. Not just financially but emotionally it has been difficult and the team at BPC Law were also very understanding of this and compassionate.

From the bottom of our hearts Thank you so much BPC Law for your work and professionalism. My mother can now hopefully focus on enjoying the remainder of her years.

Carmelita, Christopher and family

I am very grateful for all the work Kate put in to support my claim, and the advice I received. Although the process was very stressful and frustrating for me, it was reassuring to know that someone capable, sensible and persistent was guiding me through it. Kate and the team were instrumental in getting me back on my feet. I can’t thank her enough.

Warmest regards,


In 2012 I suffered an horrendous, not at fault, motor vehicle accident whilst riding my motorcycle to the local shopping centre. I sustained severe debilitating injuries which were permanent. The injuries required many operations and procedures and it was obvious that I would never be able to work again in the same capacity as prior to the accident. I was 57 at the time of the accident and faced a harrowing future of rehabilitation with no prospect of future employment or income and mounting costs of daily living.

I engaged BPC Lawyers to represent me in my plight and to ensure that I was fairly treated by the covering insurer. From the onset I was treated by BPC Lawyers with respect, honesty and compassion and was guided through the myriad of obstacles and problems inherent with such a situation. Coupled with this was the fact that at no time what so ever during my ordeal was I made to pay for any legal costs until the settlement had occurred. In fact, BPC Lawyers even successfully lobbied the insurer to forward me an ex gratia payment to cover my ongoing bills and expenses.

My ordeal finally settled some four years later after a tribunal hearing. The time factor due, in my opinion, to the belligerence of the insurer. To say that I was happy with the services provided by BPC Lawyers would be a complete and utter understatement. As stated I was guided throughout the whole ordeal with compassion and integrity and only paid for their expert service post settlement. The settlement was fair and just and the total outcome certainly could not have been achieved without their expert legal services.

I thoroughly recommend BPC Lawyers to any person involved in a similar situation.

R Burge

Dear David,

I appreciate very much all that you have done for me. I was so lucky to
have had you “in my corner”.


Sandra Hartney

Having a workers compensation claim is one of the most stressful times in your life. The future of your health, your career and your family’s financial well-being is a complete uncertainty. It’s extremely stressful. Having a well informed expert on your side goes a huge way to alleviating some of the fear and stress associated with having a compensation claim. It was a pleasure to deal with Mark Nelson and his team.

Mark was always very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had and was very proactive in dealing with matters on my behalf to minimise the extreme stress having such a claim puts you under. If you are unfortunate enough to need to put in a workers compensation claim and your entire future is uncertain, you need the best professional you can find. I couldn’t recommend Mark Nelson any higher. It’s not all about money like other solicitors either.

Mark has followed up several times since the completion of my matter, just as a courtesy and to see how I’m doing. You don’t see that very often. I know people who went with some larger firms and they were treated like a number. Mark Nelson never made me feel like a number. I always felt like a priority. Having someone on your side that minimises the stress and makes sure you are a priority is something you just must have if you ever find yourself in need of legal assistance.

Do yourself a favour and book in to see Mark Nelson. It will be the best decision you make.

 Nathan R, Asquith 

I would like to thank Beilby Poulden and Costello Lawyers.
I cannot  express highly enough how fortunate and thankful I have been to have Mark Nelson as my lawyer and his team especially Leanne and Nicole to represent me for injuries sustained in a serious motor vehicle accident.  No stone was left unturned and their professional yet caring and understanding was second to none.

I am forever grateful to Mark and his team for giving me such a successful outcome, it has made such a huge difference to my life and I cannot thank them enough.

I highly recommend BPC law to anyone who needs help as I did without any hesitation whatsoever.


Thank you so much for your big part in helping us move on with our little family.  It’s all meant so much.


Thank you for all your hard work, care and support.


We are lucky to have the best solicitor in Sydney as well as a wonderful friend.  Thank you for everything.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work.  We are so happy that you took our case; I don’t think anyone else could have done it any better than you.  They probably would have given up.  You are very professional and very passionate about your work, so you will go a long way.  Thanks so much for your faith and honesty.  You’re a great team.  It’s been an honour being your client.   All the best.


No words can describe my appreciation for the help that you have given me in the last few years.  My positive results would not have been achieved without your sincere belief in me.  The outcome of your efforts have given me the opportunity to become a healthier person.

Many thanks.


From all of us, thank you so much for helping our daughter and going out of your way innumerable times to secure her the best result.  We really appreciate all that you have done.


Putting into words how I feel now that our case has finished is really hard.  I’m not sure how I actually feel.  On one hand I am incredibly thankful it is over and on the other hand, I feel really lost.  You have done a fantastic job and been therefore us throughout the case.  I will miss being able to talk to you.  We are so proud of our son and what he has achieved and I will really miss sharing his highs and lows with you.  It has been an amazing journey, never failing to amaze me with the twists that were so often thrown your way.  I also believe for me it has been a process of coming to terms with what has happened; appreciating what we have and learning to look forward.  I can never imagine being able to forgive what happened but certainly acceptance is a very big step forward.

Your gift of compassion and understanding is rare indeed and we thank you for putting up with us over the past years.

Ruth & Jeff

It was a long, tedious journey and you stayed with me patiently through it all.

Thank you.


When I began this process, I wanted a firm that operated with dignity and professionalism.  It was just BPC that was recommended to me, it was you specifically and I am so grateful.  Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude.


I just wanted to get you a little something to say thank you!  Not just for all that you did with my claim but for your understanding with regards to my injury generally.  The situation would have been a whole lot more stressful without someone who just gets it.  So thank you.  For all that you have done for me in the past two years.  It’s appreciated more than you know.


Many thanks for your help.  I really appreciate your effort.


I appreciate all your hard work to achieve the outcome we aimed for.

Thank you very much.


Thank you for all you have done for me, I really appreciate it.