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Injury Compensation Guides

Suffered an injury and need expert information? Download our FREE Injury Compensation Guides

Injury Compensation Guides – Download our FREE Compensation Law Guides.

At BPC Lawyers, we don’t promise the world only to send your case to a junior lawyer. Your case will be managed by a partner, ensuring you get the best level of service, support and results.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Guides

We take pride being the lawyers who other lawyers trust. We help our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Download our FREE Injury Compensation Law Guides today.

In March of last year, the New South Wales Parliament passed the Motor Accidents Injuries Bill 2017 NSW and the act took effect in December of 2017. The Bill significantly impacts the benefits available to many people injured in motor vehicle accidents. Find out more in our FREE guide

Generally speaking, compensation for those injured in a motor vehicle accident is only available where the driver is at fault (there are now several exceptions to this concept and you should refer to our other articles or seek our advice as to those exceptions…..Download our FREE guide.