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Sydney Medical Negligence Lawyers

Have you been injured at the hands of a negligent medical professional? We can help.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Sydney

It is no surprise to the people of New South Wales that there are significant problems with the public health system.

This has translated into circumstances of inadequate care being provided to patients throughout the New South Wales health system.

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BPC Lawyers has been at the forefront of medical litigation for over 30 years, representing victims and families of medical negligence and helping them get the compensation they deserve.

Senior partner Courtenay Poulden has been quoted regularly in the media about cases of medical negligence and the compensation to which victims are entitled. We acknowledge that there are some medical problems that cannot be avoided even with the best care.   Where however there are mistakes that just should not happen, we have the experience and resources to support our clients through the process.

At BPC Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers regularly appear at coronial inquests for the families of our clients where the result of the negligence has tragically become fatal.

Partner, Kate Henderson specialises in large and complex personal injury claims with considerable experience handling Sydney and NSW-wide medical negligence claims against health care providers including public hospitals, private hospitals, and medical practitioners. Kate has a particular interest in birth injury claims and has acted for a number of children suffering cerebral palsy as a result of adverse birth events.

Kate has successfully acted on behalf of many clients suffering catastrophic injuries due to negligence including brain damage, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, quadriplegia and amputated limbs.

Some examples of medical negligence cases include:

  • Failure to recognise and treat emergency medical problems such as appendicitis.
  • Discharging patients from hospital too early and without adequate review.
  • Failing to properly consider all possible diagnosis and arrange proper investigations
  • Delaying treatment to patients with emergency care needs.
  • Discharging patients from mental health facilities when they presented a danger to themselves or the community.
  • Failing to adequately treat women during pregnancy or labour.
  • Surgical errors and inadequate care.
  • Failing to recognise possible emergency situations such as sepsis or heart problems.
  • Failing to identify symptoms of a stroke.

Medical negligence cases are complex and require particular expertise.

Our experienced team of Sydney medical negligence lawyers can assist you get the compensation and advice you are entitled to.

We do not commence any claim without a thorough investigation and the involvement of leading medical experts.

We have the resources to deal with the most complex of medical claims.

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Medical Negligence Claims Questions

BPC Lawyers, Specialist Personal Injury and Compensation Lawyers Sydney have helped thousands of people successfully claim compensation.

Although there are laws that restrict people’s rights to sue medical treatment providers for negligence, the capacity to sue has not been totally removed.  If you can prove that someone has been negligent and that you have suffered damage as a result, then you probably still have a case.  The devil, however, is always in the detail.

Industry Awards

BPC Lawyers is recognised by the Doyles Guide in the area of medical negligence:

  • Leading Medical Negligence Compensation Law Firm (Plaintiff) – New South Wales, 2015 – 2023.

Courtenay Poulden

  • Preeminent Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – New South Wales, 2015-2023.

Kate Henderson

  • Preeminent Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – New South Wales, 2015-2023.

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