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10 Things Your Lawyer Will Need From You

    1. A copy of all reports of any x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds, bone scans, nerve conduction study tests or any other diagnostic or radiological investigation undertaken with respect to your injury (but not the films);
    2. All letters that you have received from the insurance company, the rehabilitation provider or another lawyer in relation to your injury;
    3. A copy of any and all medical certificates or medical reports you have in your possession in relation to your injury;
    4. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all medical practitioners who have treated you including your general practitioner, treating specialist, physiotherapy, osteopath and the like;
    5. Copies of all statements which you have provided to an investigator, the police or your employer or any other person in relation to your injury;
    6. Any and all accounts/receipts which have been incurred due to the injury, such as medical expenses or travelling expenses;
    7. A full educational history including details of your secondary and if applicable, tertiary education;
    8. A full employment history for at least the five years prior to the injury up until the present including the name and address of any employer, the duties you undertook, the hours of employment and your gross and net weekly wage;
    9. This can include a copy of your tax returns, group certificates or wage slips.  If self-employed, a copy of both your tax return and your business tax return will be required;
    10. Details of any prior accidents or injuries and if any prior claim for compensation has been made, the name of the insurance company, claim number and the amount of compensation received.

By Matthew Garling

Publish Date: March 4, 2008