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what is a tpd or superannuation claim

What is a TPD or Superannuation Claim?

If you have been injured and are now unable to work there are a number of benefits (compensation) that you may be entitled to, including a claim under your superannuation policy, known as a TPD claim. In this video, BPC Lawyers’ Tim Driscoll explains in detail what these claims are and what you need to know to in bringing such a claim.

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Pub Owners Seek Compensation For Flood Effort

Pub Owners Seek Compensation For Flood Effort

Owners of the Murphys Creek Tavern, west of Brisbane, have launched legal action after their claim for business expenses incurred during the 2011 flood disaster was rejected.

Owners James and Lynette Barns sought $246,712 compensation from the Department of Communities, Queensland Police Service and Lockyer Valley Regional Council for out-of-pocket business expenses accrued during the 2011 flood disaster.
The documents were lodged in the Ipswich District Court by Toowoomba firm Condon Charles Lawyers.

Central to their claim is the State Government reversed its position recognising the tavern as serving as an evacuation and recovery centre at the height of the disaster and in the weeks after.

The claim includes: $39,000 for use of premises; $4000 for supply of food and consumables from hotel stock; $12,500 for loss of catering income; $11,400 for loss of bar income; $34,000 for co-ordination of evacuation centre activities; and $9300 for providing a forensic compound and storage centre.

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