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Professional Negligence Lawyers Sydney

Professional negligence deals with compensation claims arising from the negligence of a “professional” person.

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Professional negligence compensation claims can cover negligence by:

  • Financial experts such as accountants, bankers, auditors, insolvency practitioners, trustees and brokers
  • Building and construction consultants, including architects, engineers, builders and building designers
  • Legal advisers such as lawyers, barristers, and legal agents
  • Marketing professionals such as advertising agents
  • Computer consultants, trademark attorneys, and patent attorneys
  • Property consultants such as real estate agents, surveyors, valuers, and conveyancers

Professionals are usually placed under greater scrutiny because when they fall short of their duty of care it can often lead to extremely damaging results.

Personal injury, economic loss, emotional distress and even death can arise from professional negligence.

In recent times, telemarketing investment scams and financial scams have become a major concern in society. Many people have suffered devastating financial loss and harm due to scams involving misrepresentation of market value of properties or false advice on how to pay off an investment.

It is therefore paramount to seek a personal injury compensation lawyer Sydney who understands this sensitive and often complex area of law – which has changed significantly since the inception of the Civil Liability Act 2002.

At BPC Lawyers, our team of Sydney personal injury lawyers have a thorough understanding of professional negligence law and can ensure your claim is processed with the utmost diligence and integrity. We will help gather expert witnesses who can provide evidence and help determine whether or not there had been a failure to uphold a professional duty of care.