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TPD Superannation and Income Protection Claims

TPD Superannation and Income Protection Lawyers Sydney

BPC Lawyers are experts in assisting clients to bring valuable claims under their superannuation insurance and under income protection policies.

Many Australians who are unable to continue to work due to illness or injury, however caused, have an entitlement to claim under a policy of insurance attached to, but separate from their superannuation account.

These policies of insurance are universally referred to as TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) policies. The policy details vary according to the policy issuer. Accordingly, different requirements exist from policy to policy for a successful claim to be made. Many of the policies do not require the relevant insurer to accept that a person will never be able to work again. A successful TPD claim ordinarily results in a single payment of a capital lump sum for the Insured amount. The Insured amount for many Australians is measured in several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

BPC Lawyers are experts at reviewing the inter-relationship between various provisions in the relevant policy that can entitle a person to receive the Insured sum and understand how to effectively present relevant information to Insurer managing the TPD claim.

Many Australians, in addition to having TPD policies of insurance, also have income protection policies. Income protection policies are generally either taken out privately by individuals, or by employers on behalf of their employees. Income protection policies can be particularly valuable to individuals in protecting themselves and their families in the event of becoming unable to work due to illness or injury.

BPC Lawyers has expertise in assisting clients in relation to receiving their entitlements under income protection polices and in negotiating payment of a lump sum in relation to disputed income protection matters.

If you have become unable to work due to illness or injury ( including workplace injury ) and you want to know more about your options for seeking compensation through your superannuation fund, it is important to get proper legal advice as soon as possible.

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