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Woman stuck on waterslide sues for $400k

Woman stuck on waterslide sues for $400k

* By Leah Fineran
* Gold Coast Bulletin
* June 14, 2012 8:03AM

A CHILDCARE worker is suing Wet ‘n’ Wild for $400,000 in damages after she became stuck in a waterslide.

Cherie Schramm, 30, lined up to ride the newly opened Aqua Loop waterslide on January 2 last year but became stuck halfway.

The Pimpama woman did not gather enough speed to complete the full loop and slid back and forth inside the slide before coming to rest at the bottom of the loop.

In a damages claim filed in the Southport District Court on May 22, Ms Schramm said she became “frightened” and feared another rider would ram into her, reported the Gold Coast Bulletin.

She said she had not been properly warned about the potential to become stuck or what to do in such a situation. She said in a panic she reached up and found an escape hatch and hauled herself up and out using her left arm.

In court documents she claims that as a result of her panicked exit she suffered a partially torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder and ongoing mental issues.

Her representatives from McCowans Solicitors claim Wet ‘n’ Wild owner Village Roadshow Pty Ltd failed to keep patrons safe.

It was acknowledged that each of the four Aqua Loop slides had a built-in escape hatch, a fenced concrete platform and a descending staircase attached to allow stuck riders to exit safely.

Ms Schramm’s lawyers claim Wet ‘n’ Wild should have provided instructions or directions to water park users, either through a recorded message, intercom session or by written signage at the point of exit, on how to safely exit the ride.

They claim riders should be pre-warned that in case of emergency, the Aqua Loop slide would stop operating and no new riders would be allowed on until the stuck person had left through the escape hatch.

Lastly, the lawyers argue riders should be warned to stand up in the tube to exit through the escape hatch and not to haul themselves out while lying down in the tube.

Ms Schramm is claiming $400,000 in damages, including $250,000 for economic loss over 35 years, $21,200 in general damages and $84,654.90 for future paid care.

A Village Roadshow Limited theme parks spokesman said the matter was in the hands of its insurers and declined to comment.

McCowans Solicitors did not return the Bulletin’s repeated phone calls.

Ms Schramm refused to comment yesterday.
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