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The Dangers of Sydney Roads; Car, Bus and Truck Accidents

The Dangers of Sydney Roads; Car, Bus and Truck Accidents

The recent spate of motor vehicle accidents in New South Wales, particularly those involving trucks and buses, is a reminder of the dangers associated with travelling on Sydney’s roads.

Remarkably, an accident on 13 October, 2014 in which two buses (one carrying school children) made heavy contact, did not result in any fatalities. The collision did, however, initiate a dangerous sequence of events, whereby the school bus lost control and careered into five passenger vehicles causing injuries to the drivers and passengers.

Unfortunately, accidents such as these occur all too often. Tragically, such accidents often result in death or injury through no fault of the injured party. Families can be left with the loss of the primary earner or caregiver or an injured person can be left permanently incapacitated, unable to return to work and provide for themselves or their family.

It is not only those that are injured in motor vehicle accidents that have legal rights, but also those that are left behind following the death of a loved one. Such compensation is provided for by the Compensation to Relatives Act. In order to explore your entitlement to compensation, you must act quickly. Strict time limits apply following car, truck and bus accidents.

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