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Medical Negligence & the Inquest into the Death of Luke Wood

Medical Negligence & the Inquest into the Death of Luke Wood

We are fortunate in New South Wales to benefit from some of the most highly trained medical practitioners in the world.

However, incorrect diagnoses and negligently performed medical procedures do sometimes occur. The consequences can be catastrophic.

The recent Inquest into the death of Luke Wood, a Sydney bodybuilder, and former Australian bodybuilding champion, is a timely reminder of this fact.

On August 20, 2011, Mr Wood underwent a kidney transplant. Three days later, on August 23, his body began to show symptoms that it was rejecting the kidney. On August 26, despite the risk of kidney rejection, he was discharged in circumstances that are reported to have been allegedly premature.

Ultimately, on August 31, 2011, Mr Wood was rushed to the Hospital after he collapsed at home. He died at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital following cardiac arrest which was reportedly caused by the “massive hemorrhage” in his abdomen following his transplant. With the Inquest continuing, the circumstances of his death are not yet fully apparent. Evidence, however, given by his treating practitioners is reported to have indicated that not only was he required to wait over four hours for a CT scan but that the emergency physicians that treated him did not have access to his complete medical records as they were locked in a secured room and inaccessible.

The Inquest continues.

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