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Multi million dollar compensation to the parents of a baby with Down’s Syndrome by a medical error

A pair of Oregon (USA) who had a daughter with Down syndrome has been compensated by the Legal system of health with 2.9 million dollars (about 2.2 million euros) for the wrong diagnosis of a hospital in the prenatal test.

Although the parents had asked initially 7 billion dollars (5.3 billion euros) in compensation, the final amount is that the judge who took the case considered appropriate for the care of a child with Down syndrome.

According to statements by Ariel and Deborah Levy collected in the American press, they chose to continue with the pregnancy because doctors who performed the prenatal test had told them that the baby was not suffering any genetic disease.

Ariel and Deborah decided to then bring an action because they were concerned how to give to his daughter, now is already 4 years, the care necessary for their life. In addition, a group of experts testified at trial that the girl will never be able to be independent or to earn a living by herself.

According to the local press, the 13 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor took a tissue as a sample for a test which concluded that the baby had no no abnormalities in chromosomes. Even though tests later threw the possibility that could have Down’s syndrome, doctors assured the family that there was nothing wrong in the diagnosis.

The jury gave the verdict on the case found other examples of negligence of the Legal system of health. According to the jury, the doctor who performed the prenatal test a sample too small of the uterus to be considered valid and say that the baby did not have an abnormality on chromosomes.

A week after giving birth to her daughter, Deborah discovered that her baby, indeed, had Down syndrome. The doctor told them that he had taken a wrong tissue sample, an error that not had noticed before, according to the lawsuit.

Ariel and Deborah argue that doctors were “negligent in the procedure, analysis and information” of the results of the test of his daughter even when it was already born.

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