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What Factors does the Court take into Account when Determining Property Division and Maintenance?

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The breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult and confusing process. One of the more difficult aspects of relationship breakdown is often the division of property. Below are some of the things a court will consider before making and orders for division of property or maintenance. Engaging and experienced family, who can explain to you the process and provide advice, can help ease a lot of the stress associated with this process.

Before the Great Exchange: Steps To Take Prior To Exchanging Contracts When Purchasing a Property

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Purchasing property can be a rewarding and exciting experience. However, often our excitement is quickly dulled by the prospect of the plethora of steps required to complete that purchase transaction. At Beilby Pouldon Costello lawyers, we can guide you through every step of your transaction to make your path to the purchase summit as smooth and straightforward as possible. The following is a brief introduction to the initial steps of your purchase transaction.