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Woodford Festival sued for $300k

by:Kay Dibben
From:The Sunday Mail (Qld)
January 08, 2011 5:00PM

INJURY CLAIM: Woodford Folk festival organisers are being sued after a light stand allegedly collapsed.

A WOMAN who was injured when a light stand crashed onto her at Woodfood Folk Festival is suing for almost $300,000 in personal injury compensation.

Elizabeth Ann Findlay, 48, of Yaroomba on the Sunshine Coast, claims she was knocked to the ground when the lights stand in the tribal works chai tent toppled over, striking her on the forehead.

The alleged incident occurred at the popular event on New Years’ Day in 2008.

Ms Findlay suffered a head injury with concussion, post-concussional syndrome, an injury to her cervical spine, bruising and cuts to her face and forehead, her claim, filed in Brisbane District Court on December 24 alleges.

She also claims to have been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and says in her claim she has suffered from headaches, sleep disturbance and has lost the capacity to participate in many of her former activities.

Ms Findlay is suing Queensland Folk Federation, which operated and organised the 2008 festival, Active Sound and Vision, which was involved in supplying the tent’s sound and lighting system, Nigel Parratt, who was licensed to run the tribal works chai tent and Prendeville Production Services, which also was involved in the event.

They are yet to file a defence to the claim.

Ms Findlay’s claim alleges that festival organisers failed to limit the number of people in the tent at any one time, to reduce the risk of the lighting stand being knocked over and also failed to provide sufficient security.

Her claim for $296,645 also alleges there was a failure to secure the light stand so that it would not fall over.

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